Takao Inoue was born in 1940 in Shiga, Japan. He graduated in the Department of Crafts at Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto in 1965 and started his career as a photographer in 1973. He has been worked mainly on the projects of photography of ethnic art, Buddhism art and its life, and goes out to cover mostly Asia, including various parts of the world. And now, He actively photographs nature as one of his lifework.

Selected Publication
1978 "Mural Decorations of Esoteric Buddhism in Tibet" - text by Motohiro Yoritomi, published by Shinshindo.
1981 "Peinture Buddhique du Ladakh" - published in Switzerland.
1983 "The Depth of Japan" - text by Takeshi Umehara, published by Kosei Publishing Company.
1984 "Modern Style of Tea Ceremony" - published by Shinchosha Co.,Ltd.
"Topography of Northeast of Japan" - published by Kosei Publishing Company.
1986 "The color, thread and fabric" - text by Hukumi Shimura, published by Iwanami Shoten Co.,Ltd.
1989 "The Book of Tea" - text by Tenshin Okakura, published by Kodansha International Inc. 1992 "Saimyouji, Kongorinji" - published by Shinchosha Co.,Ltd.
1996 "Jakuan" - text by Jakucho Setouchi, published by Tankosha Co.,Ltd.
1997 "Kitaoji Rosanjin" - published by Kahitukan.
1997 - 8 "Discovery Kyoto 1 - 2" - text by Takeshi Umehara, published by Shinchosha Co.,Ltd.
1998 "Playing colors" - text by Hukumi Shimura, published by Chikuma Shobo Co.,Ltd.
2000 "a Noh Farce of Mibu" - edited by Mibudera, published by Tankosha Co.,Ltd.

He was recieved: Silver prize of Japan open air advertising design award, Kyoto City art newcomer prize, Silver prize of Kyoto modern photographer exhibition, the governor prize of Kyoto photograph artist society exhibition, Toyo prize of Japan photograph academy prize, Kyoto fine arts and culture prize.

Selected Exhibiiton
Solo Exhibition at Cast Iron Gallery, New York, USA.

One of his work - "Kyo, Shoyo" has been exhibited in the room 539 of Hotel Granvia Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan from 1997.

He is now a member of Japan photographer society, Japan photograph art academy, Ethnic art academy, Kyoto photographer society and a director of Kyoto photograph artist society.

The whispering of nature

A leaf is not merely one even if it's only one.
The four seasons. Trees and grass are beautiful, and at the same time sorrowful.
And they are powerful and fearful as well.
The shape of life seems to be willful, but it's not selfish.
Chaos and equilibrium led by the light.
All things in nature. There are the feel and density of darkness over them in the light.
The lives brought up by the darkness commune with the light and they are tied up together.
And each of them sings a song of life.
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Specifications & Price
Photographic paper : Crystal paper (manufactured by Fuji Film Inc.)
Paper size : 112 x 169mm
Mat : ph7, non-acid paper, 2mm (manufactured by Orion Co.,Ltd.)
Frame : wood, plexiglass on front (manufactured by Yamamoto Co.,Ltd.)
Frame size : 257 x 318mm

Limited Edition - 15 prints
The signature of the artist is put on the original print.

@ 10,000 yen

Although the print and frame are made for permanent preservation with great care, exposing it to the sun or presrving it in high temperature and humidity have bad influence on a surface of photographic paper.

No part of these works may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means without
permission of the copyright's holder.