Rolleicord I

First Rolleicord, whose camera body wasn't covered with the leather cover and that had metalic appearance, came in the market in 1933, which was three years after Rolleiflex Original was launched and it was introduced as the inexperience version of Rolleiflex. But, while its structures and mechanisms were simplified from Rolleiflex, it was built on the same basic principles as the Rolleiflex and many devices could be seen such as that the focusing hood opens and closes by a slight touch and every operating devices except the frame coutner were put at the right-hand side of the camera body.
The taking lens that was on was Zeiss Triotar F4.5/75mm.
Differences between what we show here and the first model of Rolleicord I are two things that the largest lens opening became larger to F3.5 and the leather cover covered with the camera body.
After this model, Rollei introduced Rolleicord Ia, which had automatic film transportation, and it got higher the popularity of Rolleicord.


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