In 1952, Asahi Kogaku (Pentax) launched "Asahi Flex" that was the first 35mm SLR camera in Japan. And five years after that, it introduced the next SLR model "Asahi Pentax" equipped with pentaprism which enabled to show the correct image through the viewfinder.

Through AP, K and S2, and then to S3, Asahi Pentax series had gone through various improvements, and on S3, full-automatic diaphragm system was adopted on the lens, and also external exposure meter could be attached.

Pentax SV came on the market a year after S3. It had the self-timer built in the camera and its frame counter was changed to the automatic-resetting type. By the way, "V" of its name SV came from the German word "Voraukwerk" (self timer in English). The shutter speeds of it are up to 1/1000sec. and the shutter speed dial is a single-pivot non-rotating one. The standard lens on it is full-automatic diaphragm, Super Takumar f1.8/55mm.

Since a large number of people selected Pentax cameras for its reasonable price and compact and light camera body, Pentax SV won a high popurality and had been a big seller for a long time. In addition, it is said that Paul MaCartney was one of the SV user at that time.


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