This time, we are going to introduce 35mm lens-shutter SLR camera, Kowaflex E.
The earliest model of the Kowaflex was launched in 1960, and it was one of the most longtime seller among the Japanese-made 35mm lens-shutter SLR camera.
The Kowaflex E, came on the market in 1961, was improved vastly from the Kowaflex such as that the selenium meter was employed in the built-in exposure meter and the matching needle was added in the viewfinder, and the split-image type focusing screen (instead of the matted focusing screen used on the Kowaflex) was employed on the Kowaflex E, which made it easier to focus. Also, to improve the focusing operation, the focusing ring was newly added on the lens top and the helicoid ring employed on the Kowaflex was omitted.
After all, Kowaflex E became the base model for the following Kowaflex series cameras.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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