In 1957, Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. released 6 x 6cm format leaf-shutter camera "Fuji Pet", and it had earned a large popularity among teenagers. The reason was that it had such a simple mechanism and function that even children and women could easily make use of it. Meeting the success with "Fuji Pet", and at the same time to keep pace with 35mm format camera market that was expanding rapidly then, the company developed 35mm format version of it named "Fuji Pet 35".

Fuji Pet 35 took over symmetrical camera-body appearance from Fuji Pet, and also its operation as such that charging the shutter with lens-left lever and releasing it with the right one. The body consists of plastic and aluminum, and on the plastic part of it are available three colors in red, black and green. On top of the camera, there is the viewfinder in the middle, and the film wind knob and the rewind knob at the each end.

There was "Fuji Pet EE" that adopted automatic-exposure mechanism introduced as Fuji Pet series.
Overall Fuji Pet serise had been sold near one million for seven years by 1963 and it made a domestic camera-sales record then.


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