Cambo Wide 650 features varieties of camera movement's mechanism that the front unit can be shifted up to 15mm to each side, and also risen and fallen when the front panel is attached vertically.
Think about when you are photographing some big subject like a building. The shape of it distorts through the viewfinder, or not all of it is sharp even when the aperture is small enough.
Under these circumstances, movements are the effective way to solve the problems.
Most of the cameras that has movement's mechanism is the view camera which is a big and heavy system, and needs a steady tripod in most of situations. But Cambo Wide is not. It is handy and doesn't need heavy stuff to photograph, which will help you a lot at the place where you can't use a tripod.
In addition to this, Cambo Wide 650 enables the panoramic photography used with Horseman 612 holder.

*Camera Movements : Mechanism that enables to change the subject shape and focusing area by dislocating the optical axis of the lens.


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