For this time, we are going to introduce the camera named "Beauty LM". Beauty LM was macfactured in Japan by Taiyo Kouki, co.,ltd.

In 1951, its first camera, "BeautyFlex" was launched, and after that came on the market BeautyFlex II, III, and BeautyCord one after another.
While TLR camera had been mainly manufactured from the beginning, 35mm camera, "Beauty 35" was introduced in 1955 for the first time. And also 6x6cm folding camera, "Beauty Six" was manufactured around then.

Beauty LM ,launched in 1959, was the fouth domestically made 35mm camera with built-in exposure meter. And also, the bright lens of maximum aperture at f/1.9 was attached to it.

Taiyo Kouki changed its name to "Beauty camera" in 1957. So, Beauty LM had "Beauty Camera co.,ltd." engraved on it.
Although the successor model to Beauty LM was launched, it stopped manufacturing camera in 1963.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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