Rollei XF 35 was introduced in 1975 as the successor to Rollei 35.
While Rollei 35 got high reputations as full-frame 35mm camera for its compact sized body as it was introduced, it is also the fact that the locations of the hot shoe and the film rewind lever, and the film wind lever, that it is operated by the left hand, were not well-designed to be used.
Taking those things into consideration, Rollei redesigned the appearance of the camera, location of operating mechanism, and thus, launched Rollei XF 35.

The major feature of XF 35 is that this equips with a bight lens, Sonnar f2.3.
The combination of this lens (Aperture Value) and the programmed shutter speed of 1/30-1/60 sec. are coupled with the rangefinder, and those informations are indicated in the viewfinder.

Focusing is done by means of a double-image superimposing rangefinder, and correct exposure metered by the built-in meter are indicated in the viewfinder. Programmed shutter speed is coupled with the aperture valued corresponding the correct exposure. For all these things make it easier to use Rollei XF 35 than Rollei 35.


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