KING Sequence 8 model X-2

Sequence 8 is an instant camera which enables to expose a sequence of moves of a image in eight frames on a photograph.

Camera type : instant camera with electronic interval shutter unit
Film : Polariod T107 (B&W, ASA/ISO 3000)
 T108 (color, ASA/ISO 75)
 T667 (B&W, ASA/ISO 3000)
 T665 (B&W, positive or negative, ASA/ISO 75)
 T668 (color, ASA/ISO 75)
Shutter unit : vertical-run focal-plane metallic curtain shutter
Shutter speeds : 1/300sec.
Speeds of sequential shutter release : stepless shutter speeds from 7sec. to 0.07sec.
Aperture : F6.3, 8, 11, 16, 22, 32, 45, close
Camera-to-subject distance : 3.5m (fixed-focus)
Depth of feild : 2.5-5.8m at F6.3, 1.8m-inf. at F16
Shutter setting : lever, setting degree 110K(play 10K)
Viewfinder : sport finder
Picture size : 74mm x 96mm
Frame size : 24mm x 38mm (by 8 frames)
Power source : 3V. lithium battery (CR-1/3N) x 2, 1.5V. alkali-manganese battery (LR44) x 4
 1.5V. silver oxide battery (SR44, G-13) x 4
Checker light : both for shutter & battery checker
Connector : Input & Output
Tripod taphole : U1/4, 20 threads
Body dimentions & weight : 147x267x106mm, 1960g (including battery)

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