Sample shots taken with "Widelux F8"


First introduced in 1988 by Panon Camera.
Camera type : 24 x 59mm format mechanical-shutter
panoramic camera
Film : 35mm film
(21 exp. out of 36 exp.-roll, 13 exp. out of 24 exp.-roll)
Lens : Lux f2.8/26mm (focus is fixed at 5 m.)
Shutter speeds : 1/15, 1/125, 1/250 sec.
Film wind : by the film wind knob.
Body dimensions : W160 x H85 x D60mm
Body weight : 850g.
Retail price (in Japan) : 171,000 yen

Gone through several upgrades from original Widelux, it now reaches Widelux F8.

Large-size format allows quality picture!

While most of panoramic pictures taken in panoramic mode of normal 35mm cameras are taken on 13 x 36mm format made through cutting out both upper and down side of 35mm film, the picture format of Widelux F8 is 24 x 59mm which is three times as large size as 13 x 36mm.
The view angle is 140 degrees in diagonal, 50 degrees in the vertical.
The figure left shows the inside the camera body where 35mm film is loaded.

Shutter speed and aperture are set manually.
Once the shutter is released, the slit shutter rotates around the lens and takes in the light. In this way prevents marginal lumination from decreasing.
The lens employed on Widelux F8 is wide-angle fast lens, Lux f2.8/26mm.
Focus is fixed at 5 meters. (Focus range is from 0.8 meter to inf. at f8.)

The viewfinder is optical viewfinder and finder coverage is 90%.
The film wind knob is located at the right side on the camera top, and the rewind knob at the left side. In the center, the shutter speed setting dial at front side and the aperture dial at back side. The green window is a level.

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