The camera was first introduced in January, 1996 (in Japan).

Camera type :
6x6cm format electronically-controlled leaf-shutter AE SLR camera
Exposure mode :
Aperture-priority, Shutter-priority, Programmed AE and Manual
Light metering :
TTL center-weighted multi-zone, Spot and Multi-spot metering
Standard lens : Rollei Planar f2.8/80mm HFT EL
Shutter speeds : B, T, 30-1/1000sec.
Flash synchronisation : Fully synchronised up to the fastest speed.
Viewfinder : interchangeable
Finder coverage : 92%
Focusing screen : interchangeable
Power source : 10V NiCd battery x 1
Body dimensions : W143 x H139 x D124 mm
Body weight : 1,450 g.
Retail price (in Japan) : 451,000 yen (tax not included.)

The worldwide famed camera manufacturer,
Rollei provides SLR cameras with integrated motor drive named 6000 series,
manual operated "6001 professional" & "6008 integral" with sophisticated AE system.

The fastest speed of 1/1000 sec.
Rollei provides three lines of lenses - PQ, PQS and EL. These lenses are manufactured by the two famed German optical manufacturers - Carl Zeiss & Schneider - in advance and afterward, coated with Rollei's original HFT-coating. The lens line-ups for the 6000 series are various from fish-eye 30mm lens to supertele 1000mm lens and twenty-three lenses are now available.

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