Sample shot taken with
"No.1 Panoram-Kodak"


First introduced in 1900.
Camera type : Swing-Lens Panoramic Camera
Film : 120 roll film
Lens : Dagor f6.8/94mm (aperture is fixed.)
Picture size : 57 x 180mm
Shutter speed : two speeds are available
(with no shutter speed indicating device).

Having gone through the dry plate, and then the wet-plate age, the panoramic camera reached the height of prosperity in the early roll film age which was around 1900.
Panoram-Kodak was the most popular panoramic camera of all in those days. Since this camera was manufactured mainly for amature photographers, several varieties of them were provided. Among them, 6 x 18cm format, No. 1 Panoram-Kodak (the camera introduced in this page) had comparatively small-size camera body and was in the greatest demand.
It is said that the great French amature photographer, Jacques Henri Lartigue used this camera for his art works.

The viewfinder is set up and the front cover is open.

Since the camera body is made of wood and covered with black leather, it is possible to photograph without tripod when you don't carry it with you.
The lens is set inside the camera body behind the front cover and faces to the side. This lens is supported with the pivot and swings by the medium of the spring.
The leather cover is used at the bottom of the lens to prevent the light from intruding, and at the same time, to smooth out the lens' swinging.

The camera body consists of the front part which has lens unit and the back part. And the lens and the slit located at the center inside the front part rotate together.
Lens' movement is very fast that it swings from right to left, and back from left to right in a moment without much any noise.
No. 1 Panoram-Kodak

Back view of the front part. The film is set along the semicircular part. 4 pictures are taken with a 120 roll film.

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