History of Minox Enlarger
The Minox's original enlarger had been manufactured around 1930 to 1940,
which was when the first Minox camera was developed in Latvia.
It, the name is "Riga enlarger", was sold as a photography set including with developing tank, Patrone, film cutter and Riga minox camera.
It is said that the set was (, and is) very expensive.
Around 1940's, the second model named "Minox Model I" was launched and had been manufactured until around 1952.
Enlarging mechanisms were improved on this model from the original one.
Soon after that, followed Model II.
Two versions exists on Model II, the earlier type and the later one.
On the later model, the lensboard, negative carrier and condenser lens were made into one unit wihch was removeable.
Model III was launched in 1963 and had been manufactured untill 1981.
Also, the color enlager was manufactured untill 1971.
Today, any of those models are hardly found on the market.
Take a look at each part.

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