Sample shot taken with
"Horseman SW612 professional"


First introduced in 1999 by Komamura & Co.
Film : 120 roll film
Standard lens : Rodenstock SW Apo-Grandagon f4.5/55mm
Shutter speeds : B, 1-1/500sec.
Focus : straight helicoid / through focusing screen
Body dimensions : W171 x H136 x D68mm
Body weight : 1370 g.
Retail price (in Japan) : 574,000 yen.
(including 55mm lens & 6 x 12cm format kit)

Horseman SW612 professional is an upgrade model of Horseman SW612. Camera movements (rise, fall and shift) are available with it.

Camera movements on panoramic camera

The lens part is both risen up and fallen down to 17mm, and shifted each side up to 13mm.
In the viewfinder, there is a mask which makes it possible to make composition in camera movements at a 10-mm movement of each. And also, the focusing screen is available for making a close framing and focusing when the roll film holder is taken off.

The lens part fully risen up.
The lens part shifted.

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