First introduced at Photokina in 1966.
Film : 35mm film
Picture size : 24 x 58mm
Lens : OF-28P (f2.8/28mm), Fixed-focus
Shutter speeds : 1/30, 1/60, 1/125sec.
Body dimensions : W142 x H100 x D67mm
Body weight : 910g. (grip not included.)

Horizont is a swing-lens panoramic camera whose angle view is 120 deg.
Its manufacturing period is unknown. Maybe it is still being manufacatured.
Several versions of them were presented, and now, they are often found on the second hand market even though they are rather high in price.

Bright optical viewfinder

The viewfinder is detachable.
A level is employed on the viewfinder top, and it can be seen through the viewfinder.
The rewind knob is located below the viewfinder when it is attached to the camera. View from the camera top

View from the camera top
From right to left - Rewind knob, Shutter speed &
Aperture selector, Film wind knob
On this camera, shutter speed is changed by means of changing the width of the slit as focal-plane shutter.

One thing that has to be kept in mind when loading the film is that, not like normal loading, the film is set along the cylinder around the lens.
The film used for this camera is 35mm film.
Shutter is cocked just as the film is winded.

It is advisable to attach the grip to the camera when taking lest you take your fingers on a picture.

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