Manufacturer : Maruman
Camera type : leaf-shutter half-frame 35mm camera
with integrated high-speed motor drive
Film : 35mm film
Picture size : 24 x 17mm (half-frame 35mm format)
Lens : f4/24mm
Viewfinder : reverse-Galilean finder
Focus : fixed focus (1.5m - inf.)
Shutter speeds : fixed at 1/200sec.
Aperture : fixed at f8
(automatically changed to f4 when in use of flash.)
Film wind/rewind : automatically winded/rewinded
Body dimensions : W127 x H73 x D40mm
Body weight : 200g
Retail price (in Japan) : 24,000yen (tax not included.)

8 fps of shooting speed
In continuous shooting mode, pictures are taken as long as the shutter release button is depressed, and 8 pictures are taken in 1 sec. With this camera, sequential movements such as golf swing are taken easily and inexpensively.
The camera takes 48 frames on 24-exposure roll and 72 frames on 36-exposure roll.
Sample shots taken with "express II"

Single shot is, of course, available by changing the shooting mode to "S".
In addition, the built-in flash sychronizes the shutter speed only in Single shooting mode.

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