Sample shot taken with "Art Panorama 170"


First introduced in 1980 by Tomiyama Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.
Camera type : 6 x 17cm format panoramic camera
Film : 120 roll film, 4 exposures
Lens : Nikkor SW f4.5/90mm, f8/90mm,
Super-Angulon MC f8/90mm
Shutter speeds : B, 1-1/500sec.
Body dimensions : W270 x H180 x D115mm
Body weight : 2300g.
Retail price (in Japan) : 258,000 yen

Art Panorama 170 is 6x17cm format model released two years after 6x24cm format Art Panorama 240 introduced in 1978. It is easy to handle, for the body structure is simple.

Various kinds of accessories

Various kinds of accessories are provided for Art Panorama sereis.

Frame mask - enables the camera to take on 6x12cm format instead of 6x17cm format (6 exposures can be taken).

Interchangeable lenses - from 75mm (100 deg. of view angle) to 120mm (70 deg. of view angle) allow you to photograph in various situations.
(Note: The lenses have to cover the image circle when used for Art Panorama series.)

Art Panorama 170 holder

Attaching this accessory to 4 x 5" camera makes it possible to utilize camera movements.
Focusing frame (holder's accessory) enables to see composition and focus on 4 x 5" camera.

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