Sample shot taken with "TX-1"


First introduced in September, 1998 by FujiFilm Co.,Ltd.
Camera type : rangefinder camera
Picture size : dual format - 24 x 36mm and 24 x 65mm
Film : 35mm film
36 exp. - 36 exp. in standard mode, 20 exp. in panoramic mode
24 exp. - 24 exp. in standard mode, 13 exp. in panoramic mode
Lens : interchangeable - Fujinon f4/45mm, f4/90mm
Shutter speeds : B, 8 - 1/1000sec.
Exposure : Aperture-priority AE
Body dimensions : W166 x H82 x D51mm
Body weight : 720g.
Retail price (in Japan) : 160,000 yen.

Not only 24 x 36mm, the standard size of 35mm film, but also 24 x 65mm panoramic size can be taken with TX-1. Format mode can be changed whenever wanted, even in the middle of shooting.

Format mode can be changed easily
with the selector on the camera back.

Panoramic photography through 35mm camera

TX-1 is the rangefinder camera whose body's width is extended so that panoramic photography can be taken with it. Interchangeable lenses are developed exclusively for this camera, for it needs the lens having a large image circle which can cover the panoramic format.
Not like other panoramic cameras, this camera employs many automatic functions to handle easily even for those who use panoramic camera for the first time.

The film is automatically transported to
the first frame once the rear cover is closed.

The bright real-image finder varies its magnification depending on the lens attached to the camera, and also parallax is automatically corrected.
Light metering system is center-weighted light reading TTL metering.

Aperture-priority AE and Manual mode are available. Also, TX-1 equips with AEB (Automatic Exposure Bracketing) mode.

Note: On AEB mode, three exposures (one correct, one over and one underexposed) are taken at one-pressing the shutter release button.

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