Sample shot taken with "Fuji Panorama G617"


First introduced in March, 1983 by FujiFilm Co.,Ltd.
Camera type : 56 x 168mm format Panoramic Camera
Film : 120 roll film - 4 exposures
220 roll film - 8 exposures
Lens : EBC Fujinon SW f8/105mm
Angle of View : 80.3 degrees
Closest Focusing Distance : 3 m.
Shutter speeds : B, 1-1/500 sec.
Body dimensions : W273 x H147 x D201mm
Body wieght : 2310 g.
Retail price (in Japan) : 531,000 yen

Since the lens used for Fuji Panoram G617 is EBC Fujinon SW f8/105mm, which is the one developed for 4 x 5" camera and has a large image circle, there are less distortion and insufficiency of marginal lumination so that high-resolution image can be taken. Also, the lense is interchangeable on G617.

A level is built in the protector around the lens.
Shutter is Copal #0, Shutter speeds are B and from 1 to 1/500sec.,
Aperture range is from f8 to f45.
The bright-frame direct-view finder employed for G617 gives you accurate visual field.
Finder magnification is 0.85x, and finder coverage is 90%. A level in the protector can be seen through the viewfinder.
In addition, rangefinder is not built in the camera, for this focuses on taking at the infinite.

Both 120 and 220 roll film are available. Since there are two shutter release buttons located on the camera front and top, framing can be easily made.
Multiple-exposure is available with the shutter release lever on the lens, and also double-exposure prevention mechanism is employed.

EBC Fujinon SW f8/105mm with lens hood

Although there are grips on both sides of the camera body, it is safer to hold the protector with the left hand when shooting without a tripod.
The body structure is simple, and the camera has neither AF nor AE so that no battery is needed.

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