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MJ Soft II f2.8/90mm
Soft-Focus lens for Leica's rangefinder camera

Accessories for MJ Soft

Helicoid Unit H-90
Substitute Accessory for Elmar 90mm

ND x4 filter
ND filter for MJ Soft

Aperture Unit f5.6, f11
Screw-in-type Aperture Unit

Enjoyment of Soft-Focus lens
Sample shots taken by MJ Soft lens are also here.

MediaJoy Original Soft-Focus lens
for Leica's rangefinder camera
- MJ Soft II f2.8/90mm -
soft focus 2
Retail Price - 19,800 yen
(tax not included.)
New version of soft-focus lens for the rangefinder Leica is now on sale.
This lens makes it easy to focus when you take soft-focus picture with the rangefinder camera,
and now it realizes lightweight and small-sized lens body and employs quality coated lens.
Fixed Aperture at f2.8. Filter accepted : 39mm.
Metal lens cap is included with MJ Soft II f2.8/90mm.
Sample shots are here.

MJ Soft attached with
Elmar 90mm.

*Elmar 90mm is not included with MJ Soft.

  • Using on Screw-mount
    or M-type Leica

    Detach the front part of Elmar 90mm. Then, Attach MJ Soft f2.8/90mm instead as the Fig. left shows. Also, MJ Soft can be attached through Leica VisoFlex.

  • Using on R Leica
    Leica M/R mount adapter is needed to use MJ Soft f2.8/90mm on R-type Leica.

- Helicoid Unit H-90 set -
for MJ Soft series

*Camera body is not included with the set.
Special Price - 24,800 yen
(tax not included.)

(Retail Price - 35,800 yen)
MediaJoy has produced Helicoid Unit H-90 to enable to use MJ Soft lens without utilizing Elmar 90mm.

Helicoid Unit H-90 (Leica screw mount) makes it possible to use MJ Soft lens as the self-supporting lens for Leica screw mount camera. And also, by using L/M mount adapter and Extension Ring (both of them are included with the set.) gives you enjoyment of close-up photography with M-type Leica.
We prepare the optional mount adapter kit for the SLR camera to be able to use MJ Soft lens on SLR cameras.

Notice : For MJ Soft lens has only fixed aperture at f2.8, please make sure to use ND filter (39mm) or Aperture Unit f5.6, f11 when needed.

Option -
Mount Adapter for the SLR camera

Retail Price - @2,200 yen
Mount type- Pentax, Nikon, Canon FD, Canon EOS, Olympus, Contax, Minolta AF

For more detail, Click here!


- ND x4 filter -
for MJ Soft series
Retail Price - 2,800 yen
(tax not included.)
ND x4 filter (39mm) for MJ Soft lens.
This is also available for other lenses that accepts a 39mm filter.

- Aperture Unit f5.6, f11 -
for MJ Soft series

Retail Price - @3,900 yen
(tax not included.)
Aperture Unit for MJ Soft lens.
Screw the aperture unit in the top of MJ Soft lens when in use.

Enjoyment of Soft-Focus lens

Sample shots taken by MJ Soft f2.8/90mm
are also here.

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please e-mail to us.

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