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The look of a famous camera auction "Breaker", held twice a year in Koln, Germany.
Singapore factory
A factory was founded in Singapore to cut manufacturing cost.
The founders
Storys about the time the company was founded by Paul Franke and Reinhold Heidecke.
Singing slide reporter
A slide show performed by singing slide reporter by means of Rollei slide projector.
The Nazis era
In the war, the company was at the mercy of wave of the Nazis. The prototype of Nazis model appears in the movie.
Rollei collector
One Rollei collector (, and also ex-employee of the company) opens his cabinet and shows a variety of Rollei collection.
Camera fair
Camera collectors gather at camera fair held in Hamburg.
The era under Samsung, Korea
Under Samsung, Rollei grope for a new way and started to deal with digital system. The company had to face with new demand.
Photographer of "Gala"
A photographer of famous fashion magazine, "Gala" uses Rollei 6008 Integral, and takes shots of models.

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