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JR Kyoto Station
He snaps in/outside of Kyoto station renewed in 1999, and has a view of Kyoto Tower from the roof garden of the station. Featured photo technich of taking a shot through glass, grip of rapid finder, accessories of M type Leica and so on...
Around Kiyomizu-temple and Arashiyama
He takes a step into the area around the sights. Featured Dual M-Hexanon 21mm and 35mm lens.
He walks to Kiyomizu-temple through Chawan-zaka (tea-cup hill), meets a french couple. And after, takes a step from tower to Kiyomizu-stage and otomizu waterfall. Snaps with M7 under complex light conditions.
TenshiTsukinuke-cho (A town in kyoto named an angle piercing through)
He watches and takes shots of curious subjects found in a curious-name town. Featured Viso Flex.
He finds the road that lead to the white wall after going through a tunnel, and takes a shot of suido-bashi. After that, he goes through the gate of Nanzen-temple. Featured how to release slow shutter and exposure setting for white subject.
Detective Mekawa
He encounters the place of Detective Mekawa that is well-known not only in Kyoto, but also other in other town.
He snaps walking on a riverside road, using the M Lens Turret Orolf. Featured 90mm lens for snap.
How to buy Leica
He demonstrates how to buy Leica at camera shop, selecting a camera body and a lens.
He takes shots, from petals of camellia on the stairs to the shrine, with M-type Leica and M-Hexanon 50mm f/1.2 after sunset in the mountain. Featured shallower depth-of-field for small subjects and close-up.
Leica Accessories
From useful accesories to rare ones, He talks on a variety of accessories for M-type Leica.
Leica History
From Leica A to M7, He talks on masterpieces manufactured by Leica.
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