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Now the mercury-free batteries for classic cameras are available at Mediajoy!
These batteries replaces the 1.35V Mercury battery and doesn't need any adapter to be used.
Belows are the list of the batteries and their matching cameras.
1.35V Mercury-free battery
MRB625 - Item Number (5030)

Canon F-1, Leica M5, Minolta SRT, Nikomat F, Olympus OM-1, Pentax Spotmatic F and others.
MRB625x2 at 890 yen
MRB675 - Item Number (5028)

Minolta Hi-Matic, Minox B, Olympus Pen D3, Ricoh Hi-Color 35 and others.
MRB675x2 at 890 yen
MRB400 - Item Number (5031)

Pentax Spotmatic series.
MRB400x2 at 890 yen

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