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Here's Mediajoy's original grip for RolleiFlex TLR camera named after the movie "La Dolce Vita" (The Sweet Life). RolleiFlex with Pistol Grip is used in that movie. Anyway, you can release the shutter and change the film with this grip attached to the camera.

MJ Grip "Dolce Vita" for RolleiFlex TLR camera

Film can be changed with the grip attached to the camera.

Grip can be attached at both right and left side.
(The wrench comes with the grip is needed to change the side.)

*It may as well set the grip at the left side when in use of Rolleicord because the focusing knob is located at the right side of the camera.

*This grip can not be attached to the Rollei TLR camera with the film counting window.

Left : Available, Right : Not Available

Dolce Vita attached to RolleiFlex.
(Camera dosen't come with the item.)

Item Number
MJ Grip "Dolce Vita"
for RolleiFlex TLR

23,800 yen


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